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"Because helping, even a little bit, is a beautiful thing"

The 10% Club is a movement whose goal is to encourage people to set aside 10% of their disposable going-out income, 10% of the money that they normally spend on "fun" - going out to bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, etc. - and to donate that money to animal shelters or any other organizations that help animals in need. It is a simple concept, and, more importantly, a very easy and very rewarding way to help.

Here's how it works: If, for example, you spend about $30 dollars a week on going out, you set aside $3 a week. At the end of the month you will have about $12 dollars, which you will then donate to the charity of your choice. Although it doesn't seem like much, every little bit helps. Organizations which help animals (especially in some countries) are often either under-funded, or rely solely on outside donations in order to keep helping less fortunate, abused, and abandoned animals. Many shelters and other organizations accept donations via Paypal, which makes donating that much easier.

What does "joining THE 10% CLUB" mean? There is no membership card, nothing to sign. Joining the club simply means that you're making a promise to take a step away from selfishness, a promise to be a bit more conscious, and to help make a difference. And yes, for the price of one meal, one beer, or one coffee, you can make a difference. It's an extremely easy step to take, and the more people take that step, the less suffering there will be in the world.

> Because animals are innocent beings and they suffer greatly in this world. By contributing, you will be helping to alleviate some of their suffering.
> Because by simply making this promise, and then setting aside just 10% of your monthly entertainment income, you can make a difference.
> Because animal shelters, animal rescue societies, and other organizations that help animals, are often under-funded, often relying on private donations and volunteers to continue doing the good work that they do. They need your help.
> Because it feels good to help.

> If you don't already have a charity in mind, do some research. When looking for an animal shelter (preferably a no-kill shelter), or other organization that helps animals, such as an animal-rescue organization, etc., make sure that they have a good reputation.
> You can always donate more than 10% if you like, or divide your 10% among several charities.
> Spread the word! The more people get involved in this, the less suffering there will be in the world!
> THE 10 PERCENT CLUB itself does not want your money. We don't even accept donations. There are, however, a lot of organizations that fight to improve the quality of life of animals around the world, and individuals who sacrifice a great deal in order to provide assistance to less fortunate creatures. These are the people that we all should help, and this is the main goal of this movement.
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